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Anyone who’s been following The Fwoosh or the latest Fwoosh CustomCon has no doubt noticed the excellent Spooks and Fury Force entries that JoeCustoms submitted.  Well, now we find out the end result!  The JoeCustoms (and JoeCanuck) crew have all worked together and will be auctioning these amazing custom boxed sets off, then will give 100% of the proceeds to charity!  A great way to celebrate the holiday season.  Check out all of the details below. is auctioning off their CustomCon entries for charity, the eBay link is right here.  They will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s Child Life Services program.  This program provides toys, games, and activities, as well as, in hospital schooling for the patients.  Check out the details of that great cause here.

If you missed CustomCon on TheFwoosh, here are the entries below:

Spooks is an excellent comic series written by Larry Hama for Devils’ Due, so there are obvious connections to the Joe fan in all of us.  Fury Force was reportedly the initial “pitch” that G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero was pulled from when the comic first got off the ground.  Some great pieces and awesome parts of history that will certainly appeal to Joe fans of all ages.