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When it comes to this time of year, I find myself having a lot less free time, for obvious reasons…being a father of two young children, certain things take priority during the holiday season, and honestly updating my G.I. Joe website isn’t necessarily on top of the list.  😉

Over the past two days, we’ve had several Christmas “celebrations” more caloric intake than I care to admit, plenty of family time and lots of love and adoration from my two beautiful little girls during a time in our family’s “real life” that could use a bit of an uptick.

The commercialization of Christmas goes overboard, of course, and the celebration is purely about being close with the ones you love, but there’s something about the look in your four-year-old’s eyes when they see the tree first thing Christmas morning that is unlike anything else that happens that year.  It’s not just the “stuff”, it’s the spirit.  I do regret that I haven’t had more time in the past 72 hours to update the site, but hope to rectify that a bit this coming week, and now that the holiday rush has slowed down, I foresee more opportunitys for more content in the coming days.

Happy Holidays, everyone!