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To go along with the announcement that Free Comic Day from IDW would involve G.I. Joe #155 1/2, Chris Ryall’s RyallTime blog reveals that it’s just the beginning…

“Diamond recently released information on the Gold-level sponsors for Free Comic Book Day in May 2010. Our book for that level is G.I. JOE 155-1/2, an all-new story that picks up where the old Marvel series (which stopped at issue 155) ended. The book leads into a new REAL AMERICAN HERO series that starts with issue #156. The online cover image wasn’t the final version, though–that one is pictured right here, with art by Augustin Padilla, who’s doing the interiors on this new book. The inimitable Larry Hama scripts, of course.”

Very cool news for the Marvel fans out there.  It’ll be interesting to see how everything gets juggled, but it’ll be cool to see where this thing goes.