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Sideshow has been breaking it open the past week, with an awesome reveal of the 12″ Firefly (though my opinion seems to be in the minority on that one) and now, the latest installment of the Sideshow Q & A have revealed some awesome information about upcoming G.I. Joe offerings from the high end collectible company.

Is Sideshow going to make a Beach Head or Shock Wave G.I. Joe 12-inch figure?

Yes, Beachhead is development and will be unveiled in early 2010. Shock Wave has just recently graduated to a spot on our line list, but we have yet to begin development.

Sounds like some great stuff in the wings. To me, the coolest thing is that Sideshow seems to be eschewing the same ole same ole typical cast, and is making some efforts to produce figures that would really work in their 12″ format. Some great military specialties, and the potential for some incredible new looks. Can’t wait to see Beachhead next year, and I’m hopeful about Shockwave, too.  I’ll admit, I really want to see what they can do with familiar classics like Destro and Zartan, but if they’re going to do G.I. Joe in a military format, they might as well focus on specialties that will look terrific in that larger, more intricate scale.  Thumbs up.

Also, don’t forget that Firefly is still on pre-order…check out the banner below to check it out.

Firefly 12

Thanks to Mysterious Stranger for the information!