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In conjunction with Sideshow’s “Spooktacular” event, GeneralsJoes was honored to be able to work with them to give away a free 12″ Cobra Commander from their amazing G.I. Joe toyline.  The requirements were simple…  just do up a custom of a G.I. Joe or Cobra character in a Halloween theme.  But knowing that I alone wasn’t the customizing expert I used to be, I also enlisted the aid of and a hand-picked group of their customizing gurus served as judges to pick the entry that best exemplified what we wanted to see.

There were a number of entries, which I’ve mirrored below:

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Now, GeneralsJoes and are proud to announce the winner of the Sideshow 12″ Cobra Commander… (Click the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below)

Vampire Serpentor, by “Darko”!

darkoserpentorvampire1Personal Log, Dr. Mindbender:

I suppose I must face the facts, that the responsibility for our current situation rests solely on my shoulders. It was I who decided to include the DNA of Vlad Tepes into the genetic matrix which produced Serpentor. The more superstitious members of my team balked, but I would have none of their foolishness. I am a man of science, after all, and I had no time for folklore and legends about vampires and Count Dracula. Vlad Tepes was a brutal conqueror, same as all of the others we used in Serpentor’s creation; nothing more. Or so I thought. It took some time to manifest, the bloodlust which now consumes Cobra’s emperor. It started with the occasional missing Viper, and then some whispers of ritualistic blood consumption. Then prisoners were ordered to be brought before Serpentor for interrogation, never to be seen again. Now, it seems that Tepes’–or, to drop ceremony, Dracula’s–DNA has fully taken over. Serpentor craves human blood day and night, and is displaying powers and mutations never seen in any medical textbook. He can transform himself into a bat, a wolf, or even a cloud of mist, and is capable of incredible feats of strength. His hunger for blood consumes him, and it is that, not conquest, which drives his ambition. I would destroy him, but he is too well protected. Every day, another member of the Cobra high command falls under his thrall. I fear it will not be long before I, myself, am but one of his enslaved minions.

Head: SW Cloned Emperor
Torso: SW Darth Revan
Arms: SW Darth Revan
Lower waist/legs: 25th Serpentor
Wings: Nemesis Immortal
Skirt: SW Darth Revan
Cowl: DVD Serpentor
Hood/shoulder armor: SW Cloned Emperor
Sword: Montezuma’s skeleton sword and skull
Blood Goblet: Indiana Jones Ilsa w/ hot-glue blood

A huge congratulations to Darko for his win!  This was some of the toughest judging we’ve had to do in a while…  and in the end, there was just a 3 point difference separating the top 3 entries.  A great job done by everyone!  Click here to check out all of the submissions in greater detail with recipes, etc…