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Mysterious Stranger has kindly agreed to review the G.I. Joe: Resolute DVD for GeneralsJoes, but we figured that wasn’t enough…so I spent countless hours with the DVD over the past 2 days and have pulled over 300 screenshots from pretty much every scene and every minute of the animated event.  Every character, every action scene…it’s all here!  Hit the link to the embedded album after the review to check ’em all out.

If G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is a handshake and high-five to the general public then G.I. Joe Resolute is a full on makeout session with the fans.  Without a doubt this is the G.I. Joe that fans have wanted since we were all kids playing in the backyard.  You’ve all seen Resolute so I don’t need to sell you on it.  Its just as awesome as it was on the internet and on Cartoon Network.  Running at just under an hour it’s a great thrill ride and a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed catching things I missed in the first few viewings and look forward to watching it again.  And you definitely want to watch through the end credits.  I won’t spoil it like Justin did but it’s worth it.

The DVD is packed with extras.  The “Now You Know” teaser is the exclusive two minutes of footage shown at SDCC and Joecon and its pretty cool stuff.  If you haven’t seen it yet you’ll really enjoy the clip.  There is also a 20 minute interview segment with three of the filmmakers discussing how Resolute came together as well as answering fan questions.  It’s clear they intended this for adult collectors and they definitely had the fans in mind throughout the entire production process.  There are also Storyboards and Joe Files in the extras that you really have to see to appreciate.  Lots of cool stuff.

G.I. Joe Resolute is the Joe we’ve always wanted.  And now you can watch it anytime you want.  YO JOE!