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Resolute seems to have really captivated the fandom, and I can’t blame them…while the story wasn’t perfect, the character designs pretty nearly were, and the vast cast of characters drew in Joe fans from all era’s.  If there are any questions I see throughout the online fandom, they mostly center around Resolute.  “Was this character in the show?”  “Is this character being made into a figure?”  “What assortment was that figure from?”

Well, with this new Characters SuperPage, I’m attempting to provide a resource for all of this information.  I’ve broken down every single character who appeared in G.I. Joe: Resolute, and provided screencaps for that character from the feature, information about toy releases, and my own insight about whether or not we should expect to see a toy in the future.  I’ve got screen grabs from the cartoon, pictures of the figures (both released and unreleased) and about as much information on the Resolute cast of characters that you’ll find anywhere online.

Check it out right here, and as always, please let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in seeing.  This took me a looooong time, and forced me to rewatch Resolute several times over the past week (I know, poor me…  :shifty: ) but I’m hoping the end result is worth it and helps out the fans.

Let me know your thoughts!