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biglob“The Goal Line is in sigggght”!

Yeah, Big Lob perfectly exemplified the rediculousness of the Sunbow cartoon, yet in a twisted way, seeing him in plastic form finally puts a smile on my face.  I didn’t really like the G.I. Joe animated movie back in the day, and Big Lob nearly made me sick to my stomach, even as a 13-year old kid, but I suppose for completeness sake, it makes sense.  Gotta give the Collectors’ Club credit for thinking outside the box, that’s for sure…  but the fact that we got a Big Lob figure before Pythona, Dr. Venom, or a suitable jungle fatigues Kwinn makes me bitterly angry in my soul…

Check out the details here.  Not my first choice, but a unqiue choice, and a fun choice, which is still what toys are about right?  Actually part of me is impressed that they seem to have gotten a decent representation from existing vintage parts, too.  And you can’t beat the price!