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It appeared on the surface that both G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and G.I. Joe: Resolute were a little sparse on the special features, and unfortunately, now that I’ve seen both first hand, that appears to be the truth.  While the DVD cover of G.I. Joe: Resolute advertises “Exclusive Missing Footage”, I can find nothing in the Special Features that cooberates that.  Granted, I haven’t watched the actual DVD yet.  All I can think that they’re referring to is the SDCC and JoeCon promo footage.  The five minute footage of Snake Eyes slicing and dicing the COBRA Troopers that everyone has seen at this point, either first hand, or from Titmouse’s website (and shortly thereafter, on YouTube courtesy of your’s truly).  So, really, this “Missing Footage” isn’t really missing.

But again, I haven’t watched the movie itself, I just know that generally that stuff isn’t woven seamlessly into the film, it’s normally on the Special Extras menu.  I’ll be checking it out soon enough and will give a full report.

Until then, though, I did get some images taken of the Resolute menu interface as well as some of the “Joe Files” that the DVD offers.  They are much more in depth than the images I’m posting below, consider them a “teaser” of sorts.  😉

Check out the images below.

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