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Word has been passed along to me from my buddies over at TS118 of an incredible looking new project called “Sidewinder”, designed as a modular diorama!  Check out the awesome details by clicking on the “Read the Rest of this Entry” link below!  This thing looks amazing.


Some quick notes..
– Inspired by the ARAH GI Joe the movie.
– Displayed last October 10-11, 2009 at the Robinson’s Place Manila Mall (Philippines) in celebration of Collecticon 2009, organized by Hobbiworx and PinoyToyKolektors (PTK).
– Brought to you by the same team that came up with O:Shock and Awe, O:Killzone, O: Forced Entry…the Philippines only local 3 3/4 (1:18) Joe online community.. TS118
– This diorama changes display every four-five hours. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines for action figures (regardless of scale). We dubbed it as a “dynamic modular diorama” or DMD.
– Took only 2 weekends of preparation given the tropical storms that hit the Philippines last September and actual dio-work to complete (figures/structures/vehicles).
– Collaboration done by at least 10-14 members (builders, pledgers/financiers, consultants, etc.)
– Simulated actual body of water (stream) by using four large bottles of setting lotion poured over a bed of Styrofoam sprinkled with pebbles (it actually lasted the entire two days without even drying).

Youtube video links:

Day 1 Set Up 1 (GI Joe base with the waterfalls)

Day 1 Set Up 2 (Terrordrome, nuff said)

Day 2 Set Up 2 (Cobra Temple, Piranha, 2 Devilfish, Jungle Humvee, all out mayhem..yeah baby!)

You can also view a bunch of great images on their Photobucket Account (as well as mirrored below).

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