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With the upcoming release of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, various events are going on in Hollywood to celebrate the release of not only Rise of Cobra, but also Transformers 2 and Star Trek on DVD and Blu-Ray.  GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger was fortunate to catch up with some Hasbro representatives and has brought us some great intel on the upcoming Resolute items, due to be released in Fall, 2010!  These sets are still very early in the production phase, so all details are subject to change, but this is what we now know:

  • Expect 2 7-Packs, similar to the COBRA Island releases earlier this year, one G.I. Joe and one COBRA.
  • Online Exclusives
  • Every figure we’ve seen to date in pre-production form will be featured
  • Because we haven’t seen enough figures to round off two 7-packs, we can fully expect a larger cast of characters utilizing existing tooling in Resolute decos as well as repaints or reissues of previously released Resolute figures.

Of course, time will tell how this actually ends up, but from the early sounds of it, we’ve got some great Resolute stuff to look forward to next year!  I can’t wait to hear more.  Big thanks to Mysterious Stranger for the intel.