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Notpicard keeps the 25th Anniversary unreleased goodness coming, giving us some great pictures of not only the already seen Python Patrol Tele-Viper, but also rounding off the full compliment of Python Patrol figures with the Trooper as well!  Like the Tiger Force Roadblock, the Python Trooper is one we hadn’t seen a sniff of before now, and hadn’t even gotten any rumors about either.  It seems interesting  that all of these subteam remnants are leaking out there, perhaps they were originally planned as some sort of series of exclusives.  Obviously the Tiger Force Roadblock was slated as part of Wave 15 (at least that’s the hypothesis based on silhouettes), but it does seem interesting that two Python Patrol figures not seen anywhere have suddenly shown up around the same time as the Roadblock.

Curiouser and curiouser…

Anyway, check out the original thread on JoeIntel, or you can check out the images below that they’ve graciously allowed me to mirror.  You know…I’ve spent my fair time sorta slamming the Anniversary concept, or at least complaining about it’s repetetive nature in comparison to the Rise of COBRA and Pursuit of COBRA, at least from my own perspective.  But you know, even though I much prefer the new over the rehashed, I can’t help but get a silly smile on my face when I see those Python Patrol guys in a group shot down there.  That looks pretty bad ass, and in a way, I’m sorry those never made it to retail.

Granted, I’ll take the Pursuit of COBRA awesomeness over garish neon repaints of already-flawed tooling any day of the week, but those figures would still look pretty neat on display.

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