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Although most Joe fans online have seen the Amazon pre-orders for IDW Reprints, IDW has now officially announced that they will be selling Trade Paperback reprints of classic Marvel G.I. Joe Comics that have never been reprinted before.  IDW has announced this on their website, and I’ve also posted the actual Press Release below.

New volume features never-before collected issues #51-60

Diamond order code SEP09 0865; ISBN 978-1600105456

It’s all G.I. JOE – all the time! With the blockbuster movie ushering in a new era of G.I. JOE, IDW is bringing back the classic comics that started it all! Classic G.I. JOE Volume 6, coming in November and under license from Hasbro, will offer fan-favorite issues from the dawn of G.I. JOE, remastered and reprinted for the very first time.

“Casual fans don’t realize what an influential comic book G.I. JOE is-that it’s an important piece of comics history,” said IDW G.I. JOE editor, Andy Schmidt. “It’s a shame that these industry-changing issues have never been collected previously-and obviously we’re extremely proud to be the ones to bring them back into print.”

While previous reprints have stopped at issue #50, IDW is charging ahead and will follow up Volume 6 with subsequent collections of never-before-reprinted material, taking G.I. JOE fans one step closer to a complete collection of there era-defining stories. Classic G.I. JOE Volume 6 will include such action-packed stories like “Thunder Machine,” “Snap Decisions” and “Pit-Fall,” all written by the irreplaceable Larry Hama.

Said Hama, “I think it’s terrific that these issues will finally be reprinted. Rod Whigham was really hitting his stride in these arcs and he was getting top-flight inking by a roster of classy pros. And then, of course, there’s Sgt. Slaughter, Zarana, and the secret of the Terrordromes!”

This great collection of issues also features the dynamic art of Rod Whigham, Andy Mushynsky, Sam DeLaRosa, Kim DeMulder, Bob McLeod and Todd McFarlane, plus J. Scott Campbell provides a fantastic classic-inspired cover.

Justin Eisinger, IDW editor, said “It’s a real pleasure to help bring these issues into print.”