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Wow, I’m one lazy, slacking SOB.  🙁

The contest for the free Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe (2nd Edition) ended a loooong time ago, and I’ve been pathetically lax in getting notification out to the winners…mainly because…well, I haven’t picked ’em yet.  :shifty:

Life got a little crazy, and I lost track, but rest assured, by this time next week I will announce the winners of the two books just as the Sideshow Cobra Commander and Hunt for Cobra Commander contests are rounding off.  Have no fear, those prizes will be turned around a HELL of a lot quicker.

Thanks to everyone for their patience on this one, it’s on me.  They’ve all been great reads so far, and I’ve got my “Top Three” lined up, but I’m still making some final decisions.  You guys will be the first ones to know!