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So I’m continuing my work on my various sets for the upcoming Darkness Falls dio-story, and in the COBRA Foyer, I want 1 or 2 gun emplacements by the far door.  Well, in order to make up some emplacements, I want to get some sandbags.  Now, Build-A-Rama has some terrific looking sandbags in stock, but I really can’t bring myself to drop $30-40 on sandbags for a couple of emplacements that’ll be used in only a couple of scenes.

Anyone have any ideas?  I know Power Team Elite’s got some, but I can’t find any online anywhere.  Not sure I want to buy the Wal-Mart Outpost Defender just for the sandbags either (since neither Roadblock nor Tripwire does much for me).

Any ideas out there at all??