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#2 – It’s about more than just the pictures.

While I raved yesterday about the level of detail in the new images from the second edition of the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe, today I’m going to talk about how much more there is in this book besides the images.  Each and every figure and vehicle has a paragraph written about it, and some of them offer some terrific little details from military history, and even from the Godfather himself, Larry Hama.  Duke especially offers some nice insight, explaining that his initial character was slated to be an officer, older than Hawk and perhaps even more distinguished.  Quite a difference between that and the final result.

That’s only a small sample of the amazing level of great detail included in the Ultimate Guide, and just one small reason why it’s worth a purchase.  Order a copy at Amazon today, or see if you can win a copy free from GeneralsJoes!