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#5 – It’s Free!  :shifty:

When Mark Bellomo came out with the first edition of his Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe Book, there was much rejoicing about the G.I. Joe fandom.  It had been the compendium that many a Joe fan had been waiting for and seemed to have everything anyone would want in the vintage style.  Figures, vehicles, images, and details.

Now, a few years later, and Mark Bellomo actually went and made the thing better.  Better pictures, more in depth detail, some error corrections.  No longer is the Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe good enough…trust me, now you need the Second Edition.

Which brings us to the #5 reason to own Mark Bellomo’s new book.  It’s free.

GeneralsJoes is giving away two copies of this great book to the GeneralsJoes faithful!  All you need to do is email me and tell me what era of G.I. Joe is your favorite.  No stone goes unturned.  Vintage, 12″, Adventure Team, Sigma 6, Extreme, 25th Anniversary, Rise of COBRA?  Which do you like the best and why.

I will go through every entry and decide which one I like the best, and which one argues their point the most effectively (and no, not necessarily which one I agree with).  That article will be featured on and the writer will get a copy of the book shipped to him at no cost.

The second copy will be given to someone picked randomly from the list of entrants, just to keep it fair.  So, even if you don’t feel like writing and just want to send an email saying “Sgt. Savage Rocks” you will still have a chance to get a free copy of the book.  The contest will go for two weeks, from September 13th through September26th, and anyone who sends an email stating their case has a chance to win.

Keep watching the site this week as I unveil the four other reasons why every Joe fan MUST own this book and good luck with the contest!