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Production is continuing hot and heavy on the next monster Dio-Story installment, Darkness Falls.  I’ve torn through set construction fairly nicely, getting the large COBRA Foyer about 75% done, and writing up concepts (and working on budgets…  :shifty: ) for the last two sets required for the story.  I’ve already edited the story considerably to eliminate one of the more complicated set pieces that seemed unnecessary, and have further tweaked the script.

I really think folks will like this one…until the ending at least.  I have a couple things that might piss some folks off.  We’ll see.  🙂

Anyway.  I’m looking for your input, GeneralsJoes readers.  I’ve launched a poll at trying to decide a few things.  The first thing up for debate:  Figure format.

My dio-stories have always been strictly old school o-ring (well, “old school” meaning new sculpts up through 2005), mainly because the Anniversary/Modern Era stuff wasn’t around yet.  But I have a number of newer figures (prior to the Rise of COBRA stuff, that’s being reserved for the “next chapter” if there will be one) that I really want to use.  But I want to get a barometer for what folks want to see.  So, give me your input.  Check out the poll below and let me know your thoughts.