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A scant few years ago, Marauder “Gun Runners” redefined the accessory world for 1:18th scale action figures.  Weapons, distribution of M & C diorama accessories, and reaching out to the fans for ideas are things that other companies just hadn’t grasped.  I would even argue that Marauder’s excellent weapon alternatives has pushed Hasbro harder to reinvent their own concepts for accesorization and has made the toy world better as a whole.

Now, a few years later, Marauder has done it again, this time with Battle Stands.  Hasbro obviously understands the appeal of these items, including them with nearly every single Anniversary figure and Rise of COBRA figure out there, but it took Marauder to do them right.  With an absolutely amazingly simple, yet effective design scheme, and some real world collector sensibility behind it, the IDS Battle Stands were born.

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