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G.I. Joe accessory entrepreneur Joe Harris has been working on some pretty awesome products kind of quietly, but it’s about time I made some noise for him.  I mentioned his great site a while ago by focusing on his excellent COBRA Missile Headquarters plastic replica, but he’s branched out quite a bit and is doing some other items as well over at

One of the cooler items is a “Pit Replacement Set” which takes a number of the cardboard items that come with the Rise of COBRA Pit Playset and reproduce it in better material.  Along with that is the awesome Pit Crate, which is very affordable ($3.50) and does an awesome job giving the diorama enthusiast some fodder for scenery.

Along with these, are the DJToys Display Backgrounds (which I will be reviewing shortly) that are very cool little display pieces for various scenes that go on your shelves, and with the increasing amount of displayability in G.I. Joe toys over the past few years, these are some very cool items.

Joe is one of the friendliest and most devoted Joe fans I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  Everyone should at least give some of this stuff a shot.  The material is great, the product is very nicely made, and the prices are right!  Best of all, it’s cool stuff.  Hit up DJToys here.

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