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Perhaps I missed the conversation somewhere, but I just received this year’s San Diego ComicCon Design Sketchbook in the mail, and holy crap!  There is some awesome stuff in here. There’s a fair share of Anniversary design sketches, but what’s really got me is the cool stuff that was either unused concepts or potential future stuff. I scanned a couple of pages below with what appear to be some very cool designs for Flint, Zarana, Storm Shadow, and a couple of other items that are unknown.

I especially LOVE that Storm Shadow.  A spiffy new design that builds very nicely from the original look, yet looks current, too.  Absolutely awesome!  Check out just a small sample of the images below…there’s lots more in the book, too, from many of Hasbro’s different brands.

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Hopefully Hasbro will have this thing up for sale somewhere down the line.  I haven’t seen it on HTS yet, but hopefully it’ll be out there.  I love this stuff.