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Hot on the heels of San Diego ComicCon, the Interntional G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention kicks off tomorrow night in Kansas City!  GeneralsJoes and JoeBattleLines have guys on the ground and in the air towards KC as we speak, so expect some great coverage of the event as it happens.  We will also be working with our buds over at The Terror Drome as well, and I’ll be putting in extra hours and late night work as well to make sure the Joe community is as informed as possible.  As long as the wife doesn’t go into labor, of course…  :shifty:

While we got a great look at a lot of product for 2009 at SDCC, we should get our first glimpse at 2010 stuff at JoeCon, and from what I hear, there is some AWESOME stuff coming.  Rise of COBRA fans and old school Joe fans have a lot to look forward to, to be sure.

Can’t wait!