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Finally, your chance to see the GI Joe Movie: Rise of Cobra on the big screen is here and we have the action figures and vehicles you want! But don’t forget at all the other GI Joe lines! We also carry GI Joe 25th Anniversary, Venom vs. Valor, Sigma 6 or the 2005 DTC toys, as well!  Also, starting today we are running a special for a Limited Time on the MARS Troopers Figures – Single Preview Pack!  Finally, we just received the Assault on Cobra Island – GI Joe: 25th Anniversary Action Figure Set and the Defense on Cobra Island – GI Joe: 25th Anniversary Action Figure Set.  It’s all here and more at Past Generation Toys

Featured Toy Lines

Marvel UniverseThe newest wave just arrive which includes Electro, Namor, Spider-Man (dark suit) to name a few.  Also, have the new Comic Book two packs!

SSDC Exclusives – Over 20 to choose from!

Gears of War – A great game with a great set of toys!

In Other News

We will be setting-up shop at the Baltimore Comic Con this year!  Stay tuned for details.  A great way to be updated is via the PGT Blog or by following us on Twitter.

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