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I know it’s been a little while since I recapped some of the various reviews for IDW’s latest releases, but considering that I was all pumped up for the Helix one-shot and also considering the main G.I. Joe title is starting to pick up some steam, I figure I can pop some links out there to check these reviews out.  My own personal take?

Helix was a really, REALLY fun read.  The pacing was great, the art was honestly fantastic.  I was actually pretty surprised, the tone of the story was very dark and serious, and  Helix wasn’t really the showcase I expected.  She did a lot more undercover work and a lot less martial arts stuff than I expected, and for an issue that was supposed to dive into her background, it didn’t do a whole lot in that regard.  I was also a bit confused as to where in continuity this particular story is supposed to take place.  Duke and Hawk were obviously in their IDW style, but they already know all about COBRA (which they don’t yet in the main series) and I was a bit perplexed about that.  It was still a great read, though.

The main G.I. Joe title is picking up some steam as well, as we get a look at Flint, and see some COBRA Troopers for the first time.  The story moves along at a much brisker pace than the previous 6 issue arc, and I’m really liking the whole Snake Eyes/Scarlett/Mainframe angle with COBRA as an urban myth.  That is an awesome angle.  Chuck Dixon really hit on something interesting there.  But, if you want to read some other thoughts, check out the links below: