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GeneralsJoes and JoeBattleLines just got the first intel straight from Kansas City as JoeCon is getting underway!  JBL Staffmember madmac41 called in to report that the attendee exclusive vehicle is a repaint COBRA FANG!

Done up in silver and sort of in “Argentina” colors to match Glenda/Pilot Scarlett.  A free comic also came with the Convention set, and the comic features the following characters (that are possibly convention exclusives):

As you can see by following those links above, each of these figures could easily be cobbled together with existing Anniversary parts.  Other characters appearing in the comic were Glenda, Starduster, and someone in a “red beret” who may or may not be tied to Action Force.  Keep in mind, this is a comic with art and is not any kind of definitive list about what figures are coming as Convention exclusives tomorrow, but it’s a nice start!

A big thanks to Scott from JoeBattleLines for the info!