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spiderpumpkin from HissTank has come through again with some pictures and details of the convention exclusive items that are being purchased as I type.  This appears to be the lowdown (and what an expensive lowdown it is!):

  • Blades w/ SAF Gyrocopter: $28.00
  • JUMP 2-Pack w/ Starduster and Manleh: $45.00
  • 3-Pack w/ Sgt. Shimik, Sgt. Redmack, and Sgt. Topson: $65.00
  • 12″ Crimson Guard: $50.00
  • Crimson Command Copter: $30.00
  • Joe or COBRA Weapon Set: $8.00 (still no inclination on exactly what this contains)

Actually, in all honesty, the prices aren’t terrible…well, except that 12″ Crimson Guard.  Yikes.  I can appreciate the production costs and the limited run, but that’s far and away the most expensive parachute figure ever.  It’s a beautiful figure, but you’re definitely paying for it.  The other items are about standard for Convention stuff…

spiderpumpkin also posts some great pics of the filecards and stuff at his photo gallery, which I have mirrored below.

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