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Amongst the glut of cancelled product at the tail end of the Anniversary line, the Snake Eyes from the Snake Eyes vs. Night Creeper Comic Pack has been one of the very few never revealed in figure form.  Well, that’s all changed, thanks to some digging by The Terror Drome.  In fact, a few images have shown up for this Training Snake Eyes, some there and some from

This figure actually has an interesting history…initially, the Comic Pack was shown with a very striking cover that clearly showed a Resolute themed Snake Eyes facing off against the Night Creeper.  Somewhere along the line, though, the decision was made to instead use more reused tooling, and this Training Snake Eyes was put together using Storm Shadow parts with a new head.  Like Storm Shadow (who has some Dice stuff worked in there), Snake Eyes features some cool gear that could easily be utilized for COBRA Ninja Slice.  Check out the images below.

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