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While he has not written his official review yet, El Mayimbe of Latino Review has seen G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA, and cannot stop talking about it through his Twitter feed.  The following quotes are pulled directly from it:

After waiting 25 years, I finally saw the G.I.JOE movie & IT DOES NOT SUCK! I LOVED IT!”

I actually wanna hug Stephen Sommers. The movie was pure escapist fun! This hardened G.I. JOE fanboy gives the movie my blessing.”

Going home to write my review. Its the best ACTION film of the summer. Better than TS, Star Trek, TF2.”

Knowing what a big G.I. Joe fan El Mayimbe is, this is GREAT to hear.  Great.  He’s not in bed with any corporate titans, he bashes things universally, so this is a very welcome review in my mind.  Can’t wait to read the whole thing.