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For whatever reason the Anniversary line turned me into a “display guy”.  I was always all about the playability, and not really how figures looked on the shelf, but when the Anniversary line hit its stride, I suddenly had an urge to make various shelf displays of certain figures.  All the cartoon-themed folks together, a nice little COBRA army…even the Iron Grenadiers.  Don’t ask me why, I just felt compelled.

But of course, finding a spot was tough, and keeping the spot clean was even tougher.  I have black bookcases which would become dust magnets within minutes of setting up the damn figures!  Well, recently announced that they’re distributing a unique display case tailor-made for 1:18 figures.  It’s clear poly-styrene, stackable, a managable size, and locks together in such a way that it almost eliminates dust altogether.  I just had to check it out.

Then, once I checked it out, I loved it so much I just had to do a review of it to show other folks what they were missing if they didn’t have one.  Priced at a very reasonable $24.99 for the entire set (and only $9.99 if you just want the “steps”) I think this is a must have for any fans of 1:18 scale figures.

Check out the full review here, and if you like it, be sure to head over to SmallJoes and pick one up for yourself!