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I know there aren’t many Sigma 6 fans around, but I’m hoping those of you who don’t like that particular branch of the G.I. Joe mythos will still check out the “Celebration” running here on GeneralsJoes all next week!  There will be custom showcases, artwork, images, cartoon information, interviews, etc…  just lots of content based on everyone’s (not so) favorite eight inch toyline.

I totally understand why much of the fandom has issues with Sigma 6, but I loved it, and I wanted to take a week to show that even with the larger scale and the animated style, there was still stuff to love about it.

Starting Monday, June 8th, the Sigma 6 Celebration will run all week long (straight through til Sunday, June 13th).  Of course there will still be an influx of other news and information for whatever you’re into, but for Sigma 6 fans (or even folks who want to read some interesting stuff, no matter what it’s based on) Monday should hopefully start a fun walk down memory lane.  Hope you enjoy it!