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Sorry for the influx of G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club related news, but I’ve had some time to dig through the site, so I’m uncovering a few things…  I’ve seen many questions all over the ‘net regarding the Joe Con, so I just wanted to remind folks to check out the FAQ Page for updates to all your questions and concerns.

Also, “The Commander” has posted some answers to a few questions on the GIJCC Message boards as well:

“1) No fuchsia colors

2) Viper has version 2 “fixed” arms

3) Hasbro limited our 25A mold usage and several of your suggested figure options were “In Production” at the time.”

So…it sounds like using the 25A tooling was a Hasbro dictation?  I know it’s easy to cast stones (I certainly have cast my share this year) but I guess we should remember there are several legal and production hoops that the Club has to weave through during the Convention planning process that none of us have any idea about.

I still stand by my opinion on the Con Exclusives this year, but it is at least some food for thought.