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Often a sure sign that a toyline is in trouble is the quality of the toys we’re getting near the end of the toyline’s life.  Even great runs like the Real American Hero seemed to suffer from mixed signals and conflicting ideals in 1993 and 1994, bringing us some oddly colored and strangely themed toys that didn’t necessarily mesh with each other.  In fact, I’d argue that most of the best known action figure lines showed clear signs of their age by the time the lines faded away.  Sigma 6, though, couldn’t be farther from that, in my opinion.

Simply looking at what as still to come shows that there was a lot of life still left in the 8″ line, and it’s a damn shame that it ended when it did.  There was a lot of cool stuff left to come, and for today, I’ve decided to include some hefty galleries of figures that were in the works, but didn’t make the cut.  This includes concept art found online, pre-production items displayed at Joe Con, and some other little tidbits.  Doing this article was tough for me, as it served to be a reminder of what we didn’t get, but I think it’s worth it in the long run, and hopefully you agree.  Along with this article, I’ll also have a nice surprise at the end of this whole celebration which will tie into this article as well.  😉

  • 2.5″ Mission Scale

While most collectors railed on the 2.5″ line, I always thought the designs were spectacular.  I really wished they had been more compatible with a more familiar scale, but even in the smaller size I absolutely LOVE the design work.  There is a huge rolling fortress type vehicle in the gallery below, and it is AMAZING.

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  • 8″ Main Line

Yeah, I did love the 2.5″ stuff, but the 8″ figures were absolutely my bread and butter.  This is what made Sigma 6 what it was, and there was some awesome untapped potential that just went unfulfilled there.  From Short Fuze to Zanzibar, and even the Scarlett mock up, almost every figure previewed at the Convention in Atlanta over a year ago rocked.

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  • 8″ Adventure Team

Along with the main line, the Adventure Team had branched out at the end of the line and was becoming its own entity, going in a more non-military direction.  To many Joefans the words “non-military” would be the kiss of death, but in the Sigma scale, Hasbro seemed to walk that line to perfection.  These are some gorgeous figures with amazing accessories, and it could make me weep…

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Images were used from (with permission), Joe Convention images from YoJoe (taken by myself), and TriClops Studios.


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