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The thrilling conclusion to IDW’s stellar limited series hit comic shops on Wednesday, and reviews have cropped up in several various places online:

By and large, the reaction has been raving…pretty much every review I read is stellar and positive, and I agree completely.  Ever since hearing the premise for the story, I had a good feeling about it, and I was not let down.  From the fast-paced first issue, straight through the twists and turns, and all the way to the biggest twist at the end, this has been a suspensful, action packed thrill ride, from beginning to end.

COBRA is given some instant credibility, a relatively unknown character in Chuckles gains some incredible depth, and in just four issues, lots of groundwork has been laid for the future.  Excellent story.

I have to find it more than a little ironic that Chuckles, a guy in a Hawaiian shirt who never got any real credibility has now been the star of two great stories, both from the Devils’ Due days, and now in IDW.  Just goes to show, that even the smallest “throw away” character can be a great one, if given the right chance to shine.