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Good friend of GeneralsJoes, madmac41 from JoeBattleLines has posted some images and mini-reviews for the recently released Wave 5 vehicles.  Read the text below, links to the original threads are in the titles…check out the great mini reviews with a ton of pictures after the jump!

I think I was looking forward to this set the most, for those of you that know me know the reason why,for those that don’t you will by the time you get done reading this.

I will start with the CLAW. We have seen this one before but there are 4 changes that were made to this that make it better than before.

  1. They filled up the bomb rack, now this bad boy can really do some damage.
  2. Color change, While the red makes it easier to spot in the sky it does make it look better.
  3. They added a camera that placed on the peg insted of the pilot make thid an unmanned drone.
  4. Air Viper Commando (He’s going to be Strato Viper to me).

This is a great use of parts to make a Classic figure part of the 25th line.He is mostly Wild Bills body with the exception of the lower legs and head(The head only turns side to side not up and down). But with the addition of the rubber chest piece it gives him a totlly new look.

Next up is the FLAK never having owned one before I’m not sure if this is new tooling or just the same one from the 80’s. It turns 360 degrees on the base and the gun elevates and lowers. Other than that it just pretty much sits there the one saving grace is the gunner OUTBACK!

Yes it’s true all these years of calling, writing, threating, harassing,begging and pleading have finally paid off. I finally have a 25th version of my favorite G.I. Joe figure Outback.

How does he stack up to the original? The head sculpt sold me, It has the classic look with the modern style that make this figure stand out. The body is an excellent use of existing parts with a few new additions.  New lower legs with the molded boot knife. His flahlight while removable looks better left on his leg.  He has a new OD green tac vest that does a great job of covering his white T-Shirt (The only thing I didn’t like about the original was his white t-shirt).  SURVIVAL is printed acrosss his chest. His colors are a pefect tribute to the original and he comes with his signature HK-91 with sling. My only complaint is his hands. They are molded too open and made of really soft rubber that makes it hard for his to hold anything. Hands aside this is a fantastic version of my Favorite Joe!

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Here is a mini review on the Arctic Hiss.

My first thoughts on this were I’m only getting it because it’s part of the case. Boy am I glad it WAS part of the case otherwise I might not have picked one up. As far as the Hiss Tank itself there is nothing new just a color change, it’s the changes they made to the accessories that grab your attention. First off the main guns have been removed from the turret and replaced with a Stinger Missle rack. Next we have a frame that goes all the way around the top of the back of the tank that holds two new additions. A molded camo tarp on one side and a basket on the other for storage on the other side, while these might not be the most useful as far as gear goes it does help to give the Hiss a different look. Another new twist is the decal sheet, You get to choose your own numbers for the Hiss. This is great news for those of you that plan to Army build (mine is 041 for obvious reasons) the only drawback is there are only two of each number so Gawd you can’t do the triple 6. Also we have a new decal for the windshield. Last but certainly not least is the AH Driver this is what really makes this set shine. While it is a mix up of parts we have seen before Hasbro did a great job of giving us a unique driver for this vehicle. There is a very subtle camo patteren on him and the detail they put into the webgear is fantastic.

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The most anticipated of all of the Wave 5 vehicles was The Cobra Stinger and I’m sorry to say it’s not a hit…

It’s a Grand Slam!

They took the vamp just as they did in the 80’s and made a few changes and gave us a totally different looking vehicle. It has the working Gull wing doors. A removable roof and a rotating and elevating Stinger Missle rack. It has a different front end, Different rear deck and in place of the shovel there is an AK-47. There are probably a few more differances that I haven’t spotted yet.

Whatever you do DON’T Pass up an opportunity to own at least one of these. The Driver is basicly a Bazooka Trooper repaint with a rear working holster! There are a ton of comments I could make about this vehicle like the fantastic Black, Gray and Red color combo but I will let you guys check one out for yourselves.

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A huge thanks to madmac41 for this great review!  To check these out and more, keep checking out the JBL Mission Debriefing section!