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G.I. Joe: Origins #4 blew me away.  Honestly.  Granted, I’ve been enjoying the title thus far, but mostly in a “hey, this is neat” kind of way, with no real emotional commitment or feverent desire to immerse myself further into the Joe’s past.  But this issue changed all of that.  For some reason, everything just kind of came together into one very cohesive, excellently paced story that drew me deeply into this G.I. Joe mythos.

There was mystery, plenty of action, some very cool obscure homages and Mike Hawthorne’s art was absolutely terrific this time around.  Him and Larry Hama both really knocked this one out of the park.  Reviews are also online at some of the usual haunts:

I’ve also posted a mini gallery of images from the issue, too.  I was extremely pleasantly surprised with the fourth issue.  The other 3 have been good, but this one was GREAT.

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