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Issue #6 for the much maligned main title of IDW’s G.I. Joe arrived on Wednesday, with some promises from Chuck Dixon that things would ramp up and get a bit more involved.  Well, I’m happy to say that Chuck was right…let’s see if other sites agree:

My thoughts are below, after the jump…spoilers contained!

My thoughts?  A definite improvement.  We get some nice face time with General Hawk and Dial Tone (which seems to mimic the similar relationship between Hawk and Cover Girl in the film) and some very basic back story on Snake Eyes.  Well, it’s a lack of back story, but we learn that he’s dark and mysterious, and that, at this point, he’s technically not on the G.I. Joe team.  There is some reference to an operation that put him over the edge, and a relationship that he has with Scarlett.

Snake Eyes jet ski’s through the open seas, going after the same Greek arms dealer that we’ve seen since Issue #1, and meets up with Destro there, testing out his new MASS technology.  And yes, MASS is just what you think, going by past Sunbow history, however, I really like how they portray it in the IDW book.  Destro and Snake Eyes have a very cool firearm face off before the Scottish armsman makes a quick escape, but with drastic consequences.

Personally?  I kind of like this new twist on Destro.  I can empathize with folks who find it a bit cliche, but personally, I dig it.  Not just his metal mask, but his layered armor all over his body as well.  It kind of gives him a new twist and new energy, which I really dig.  Really, what was his motivation in the old days?  Just money?  Here, he has some serious life-threatening reasons to do what he does and to perfect his technology.  I really like this.

All in all, this sixth issue did a great job building on the very slow-paced previous five issues.  It wraps some stuff up nicely, gives us some action, some back story, and was a really fun read.  A nice change of pace.  Check out some images from the latest issue below.

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