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I’ve gone on the record saying that my favorite projects are always the fan-based ones.  Seeing what Joefans do with the property is always entertaining, especially when they do it better than Hasbro themselves.  This definitely falls into that realm…  granted, Hasbro first tried it with a limited budget and twenty-five years ago, but still…

JoeCustoms member and G.I. Joe enthusiast J_Man has been working dilligently on his COBRA Missile HQ project for a long time, and it’s finally complete!  An awesome homage to the vintage Missile HQ, but done totally in plastic!  That’s right, it looks just as cool as the original, but is MORE durable.  It also looks to be customizable as well.  I’ve mirrored some images below, but they do not do this project justice.  If you like what you see, hit up D & J Toys and get on the wait list.  I will personally vouch for J_Man’s credibility.  He put a ton of effort and work into this project, and he truly did it FOR the fans.  It’s gonna be very cool.

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