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Sideshow Collectibles has posted their latest installment of Sideshow TV, this time around focusing on their San Diego ComicCon exclusives.  Of course included in these exclusives is the semi-revealed Crimson COBRA Commander, and this video gives us a great look at the complete figure.  COBRA Commander appears at about the 7:00 minute mark and is one impressive looking entry into the exclusive field.  As a straight-up repaint/rerelease of the standard version, I wasn’t all that impressed, but I gotta tell you he looks really striking in full on red and silver, and looks like he comes with a gorgeous cape instead of the trenchcoat.  Dang.  I wanted to not like this figure, but looking at this I just can’t help but love it (even if I won’t likely be dropping the massive coin for it).  Obviously patterened after the Crimson Guard, COBRA Commander looks amazing, and Sideshow did a spectacular job taking a figure that normally I wouldn’t care less about and making it just a little bit painful that he’s an expensive SDCC Exclusive.

Click here to check out the video, and some screen shots of the figure have been posted below.

Big credit goes out to friend of GeneralsJoes Mysterious Stranger for the info!