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Sideshow has posted answers to their latest Q & A session, and within that Q & A were a pair of G.I. Joe related questions:

Q:  I was wondering if you will be making a line of Premium Format G.I Joe? …. AND …. How about G.I. Joe Dioramas (not just the environments like Recon at Waypoint 12, but full dios)?

A: We do have some news to share on the subject of expanded GI Joe licensing. Stay tuned to the Sideshow website, especially around the time of San Diego Comic-Con (in late July).

Q: I love your G.I. Joe 12 inch figures. Do you plan on making newer characters like Cobra Red Ninja, Ninja Viper, etc?

A:  Thank you! Our design & development teams are really enjoying the opportunity to work on the Joe line! Our initial focus will be on the more well-known and recognized characters. If the line continues long enough, it’s possible that you’ll see more Cobra troopers & ninjas incorporated into the line, but they’re not yet in any stage of development.

Sounds like we’re going to have a lot to look forward to around San Diego ComicCon time! Click here to check out the full article.