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Yeesh, these images are hitting everywhere…  packaged and loose pictures of the two upcoming Assault and Defense of COBRA Island 7-Packs are starting to hit pretty much every site on the ‘net.  Man do these things look great.  Items of note…  Chuckles now has his proper light blue shirt!  Outback appears to be in a Night Force uniform, since the regular version is hitting with the FLAK after all.  Strato-Viper is now being called “Air Viper”, and the Dr. Mindbender looks considerably different than he did in promo pictures.  Where it looked like he had a lot of new tooling in the promotional images, these more recent pics show Gung Ho’s torso and the Crimson Guard legs.  Some curious choices, but they work, ultimately.

Overall, I’m happy with what I’m seeing here.  Hasbro managed to knock out a huge chunk of a lot of “want lists” with these two 7-packs, but still left enough up in the air to keep folks hanging for those vintage homages.  A neat formula.  Probably the two gems of these two packs to me (besides Hit and Run.  WOOt we’re getting a Hit and Run!!!  😀 ) would be Zap and Alley-Viper.  It takes a lot to make an Original 13 guy appeal to me, but Zap rocks my world.  Those twin holsters are too cool, and even though his uniform is relatively simple, it manages to be crammed with nice little details.  Love that figure.  Alley-Viper…well, I can’t really say enough about that one.  He is pure beauty.  Enough of the words, though, check out the pictoral goodness:

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