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For new folks, you may not be aware of who Josh Medors is, or how he connects with the G.I. Joe realm.  During Devils’ Due’s America’s Elite run, Josh was the primary artist on the book and became a staple in the Joe comic realm.  We were saddened to learn (and especially saddened to learn so recently, when it’s been a story for a long time now) that Josh has been inflicted with a particularly nasty case of terminal cancer, and requires alternative treatment for the disease.

The comic world is looking to do whatever they can do to help, so a benefit auction is going right now for artwork from many of the industry’s best, and all proceeds go to the fantastic cause of treatment for Josh.  Please take a few minutes to read the details of this benefit auction and do whatever you can to assist.  Check the following links for all pertinent information:

Thanks as always to Jeff Bohn for keeping us in the loop on this.