Select Page forum member slang got his hands on the so-far unreleased Resolute version of Destro, and did up a review over there.  He was also  kind enough to agree to share that review and the images here on GeneralsJoes as well.

Keep in mind that the current release of this figure is up in the air…Hasbro stated in a recent Q & A that there were no plans to release Resolute Destro in 2009, but I for one am hoping that they change their mind.  I think they were pretty surprised about the response for the animated feature and the action figures as well, so here’s hoping their faith in these designs is renewed and we end up getting these awesome looking figures on shelves and pegboards.  Enough of that, though…here is slang’s review:

Overall, when I first saw the images of this version of Destro I knew I had to have it as my modern update to the character. I was underwhelmed with the ROC version when I got him, mainly because of the mask and fairly “large” hands.

The replaceable mechanical arm is a sweet touch. While there was no indication of this in the movie, the torn fabric at the topic of this lends itself to a great scene in which he is caught in some sort of blast and his arm catches fire or something 🙂 My only concern with the arm is the rather small post used to attach it. I would think that constant arm swapping would easily lead to it breaking off. Then again, this is a factory sample, so perhaps in production it would be sturdier.

The skirt is in keeping with the Resolute Cobra dress code, and just like CC, it is only removable if you separate the torso. (At least I couldn’t find a snap or anything on it). It is slit, so at least Destro can show some leg once and a while. I love the skirt on this Resolute version, it gives him a great trench coat look and makes him rather menacing. The boots are nice and tall, with pant legs tucked in. This being a sample, the pants below the knee joint are the same color as the boots, and not painted to match the upper leg.

Paint scheme is very nice, overall it is a nice dark blue, with the red striping, gold braid and silver buttons standing out nicely. Upper body articulation is great, with wide movement for both arms and head. Legs, as to be expected, are somewhat restricted by the skirt.

Accessories are nice, especially the aforementioned replacement arm and the opening MARS briefcase, which not only holds his sub machine gun, but also has a flip up computer monitor. The band of plastic that attaches the two sides of the case is starting to “whiten” from stress after only one open/close, so again I would think that regular use would lead to it breaking. His two pistols are on the small side, but fit nicely into the great holsters on his belt.

This is my first review for the ‘Tank, so hopefully this does the figure justice and you all can see the pics. If anyone has any questions, fire away!

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A huge thanks to slang for passing on these images and the review to GeneralsJoes…this figure is a GREAT one!