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CoilClub member Teletran has been keeping close watch on a thread over on the Shout! Factory forums, and Brian Ward, the producer and manager of the DVD production has started an official G.I. Joe thread here.  This is his initial post about the subject:

There isn’t much I can say that’s different here, although I will say that the original masters looked considerably better than those of Transformers. And, unlike Rhino, we will be completing the series. In one fell swoop, in fact. No, I can’t go into even the vaguest of details about when, but I can say “soon.” We’re already working up a press release, so it’s THAT soon.

We will have featurettes, like the ones on Transformers. We will have the designers, the producers, the writers, the voice cast, PSAs, toy commercials and more. As soon as I’m allowed, I’ll go into more detail.

Oh, and to answer the questions about running times and how many episodes, etc… We are not moving into the DiC Entertainment years, only Sunbow. We have a pretty good relationship with the company once known as DiC, but have no real relationship with Cookie Jar, so it’s not really as simple as giving ’em a call. Doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. But it does mean that the DiC incarnation of the series will not be included in our complete series set, nor will we be working on those season sets anytime soon.

In addition, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – Season 1.1 will include both original miniseries.

I’m really excited to be putting this set together. As I said in the Transformers thread, these two series WERE my childhood. So to be able to produce these sets is pretty special. And I’m gonna need a LONG vacation afterward…”

It sounds like we’re in for a treat with these DVD sets, and that we may be getting that treat a lot sooner than we anticipated.  Great news, and a big thanks to Teletran for digging this gem up!