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Lots of news came out of the G.I. Joe panel at Orlando’s FX International and Newsarama provides the details.

Some of the key points…

G.I. Joe

  • Dixon has plotted through issue 18.
  • Robert Atkins is on art through issue 6, then SL Gallant (Movie Prequel Destro and Duke) is on art for issues 7 through 12, with Atkins returning for issues 13 through 15.

G.I. Joe Origins

  • Origins is now an ongoing series, with arcs focusing on either a group or a single joe.
  • No mention of the creative team, it is not known if Larry Hama will continue to write the series.

G.I. Joe Cobra

  • Still a four issue limited series
  • But there will be another mini-series with the same creative team.

Other news

  • Larry Hama is going to be drawing an issue (unknown which title).
  • A Baroness one-shot is planned with Ben Templesmith on art and Mark Andreyko writing.

Newsarama also had news earlier in the weekend about Michael Golden and the G.I. Joe Yearbook Redux.

  • Michael Golden and IDW are recoloring and re-editing the story from G.I. Joe Yearbook #2 “Triple Play”.
  • It will contain at least 5 pages of new artwork.