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After what seems like forever, G.I. Joe: Resolute will wrap up its long and rocky road tonight, one way or another.  Airing on Adult Swim tonight at midnight as a full 60 minute feature, promises the episodes will be online shortly thereafter.

The final ten minutes aired on Teletoon in Canada last night, and of course, the footage has already made the YouTube rounds.  To avoid spoilers, I’ll embed the video after the break.

Honestly, the finale didn’t rock my world.  I always had a suspicion that the 60 minute time limit and “short burst” episodes might end up hurting the “flow”, and I think I was right.  The final culmination of this story didn’t feel very final, and didn’t have a real “impact”, and I think most of that is due to the limitations of episode length.

Still, I’m thrilled to finally see the series air in its entirety, and best of all, this animated feature has led the way to some fantastic looking toys.  At any rate, watch Adult Swim tonight, check out on Monday, show your support for Resolute!  Do whatever you need to do… write your congressman, harass Hasbro, pester Cartoon Network.  Let them know how much you loved Resolute and how much you demand to see more.  It wouldn’t hurt to watch the footage on Adult a few thousand times as well.  😉