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Further confirmation of the air date for G.I. Joe: Resolute comes from northerncrowe of who reports that Canadian television station TeleToon will air Resolute April 24th at 11:15pm!  He also reports that he has seen a new trailer with the following details:

“City being blown up (which we knew)
SE and SS fighting (which we could’ve guessed)
SE parachuting in and slicing a trooper (not the sword twist shot.)
Duke and Scarlett fighting back to back
Scarlett flipping and shooting like a John Woo film
The carrier getting shot up pretty bad
Zartan (pretty sure) shooting a missile gun thingy”

A quick visit to does not confirm this news, but it does show a strange repeat of Ultimate Avengers II at 11:15pm on the 24th.  Here’s hoping we get confirmation soon, or even better, let’s hope the trailer shows up online!  We’re getting closer!