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Last week, GeneralsJoes reported about two new IDW listings on, one for Volume 6 of the Marvel reprint Trade Paperbacks, and a listing for the TPB for G.I. Joe: COBRA.  At the time, no covers had been posted, but as of now, the covers are posted, though they’re nothing to write home about.

The cover for Volume 6 looks to be the cover from Devils’ Due incarnation of G.I. Joe #1 (once again, art by J Scott Campbell) and unfortunately, it really doesn’t pertain to anything that actually happens in the book.  Definitely an odd choice.  G.I. Joe: COBRA just features the same image of Chuckles tied to a chair that we’ve seen many times already.

Regardless, if you want to check out the covers, click here for Volume 6 and here for COBRA.  Thanks to Jeff Bohn for the intel!