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I’ve raved in the past about various Marvel-based animated properties that had knocked my socks off recently, most notably Hulk Vs. and Wolverine and the X-Men.  I focus on those mainly because I’m such a fan of the Marvel characters, much more so, for some reason, than the DC comics ones.  Marvel seemed much more grounded in reality (if that makes any sense) while DC’s heroes were mostly inhuman God-like beings walking the Earth.  However, when I come across an amazing cartoon featuring DC Comics characters, I’ve gotta say something about it…hence this post about Wonder Woman.

As much as I prefer the Marvel stuff over the DC stuff, I can’t argue that DC has put out a much more credible slate of animated series to this point.  Batman: The Animated Series is obviously not only one of the pre-eminate comic-based cartoons of our time, but possibly one of the greatest animated series of all time, at least in my own meager opinion.  Recently, I do think Marvel has closed the gap, but Bruce Timm has that magic touch, and once again, he’s placed that golden hand on Wonder Woman, a character I really could not care less about, yet I was riveted to the screen for 90 minutes watching the latest animated feature.  From the first ten minutes to the final curtain, this film is perfectly interwoven with action, fantastic dialogue, mature themes, brilliant voice acting, and humor.  None of it comes across as forced, and nothing about this cartoon says it’s for the kids.  Quite the opposite, in fact. From be-headings to impalements, to jokes about prostitution and “excrement” Wonder Woman was an amazingly enjoyable film, regardless of the fact that it was a cartoon.  Two weeks ago, I didn’t give a rat’s ass about Gods, Amazons, or Ares, the God of War, yet in one 90 minute setting I found myself driven to find out more about Wonder Woman’s history, and was even tempted to run out to the store and by one of Mattel’s Infinite Heroes Wonder Woman figures…and those toys just piss me off.  :shifty:

Even if you’re not a Wonder Woman fan…or hell, even if you’re not a comic fan, do yourself a favor and check this film out.  It is simply great story telling.  And for you Whedon fans (like me) hearing Mal’s voice coming from Steve Trevor with such perfection over the 90 minute film is worth the price of admission alone.  Great stuff.

Wonder Woman Official Trailer



And of course, this all just gets me even more excited for later this year…

Keep it coming, DC and Marvel!  Keep raising that bar with the animated features and the tentpole summer movies.  It’s a great time to be a comic fan, especially those like me who really enjoy the comic characters but don’t want to keep up with the comics!