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Perhaps as an indication of a new G.I. Joe element coming to Adult Swim, the website has posted a specific page with every G.I. Joe themed episode of Robot Chicken in one easy to find place!  Here is what the site has to say:

“Recently, people have been trying to revive GI Joe into a more badass property. Hell, even the new animated movie on Adult Swim does it. But the guys at Robot Chicken remember what GI Joe was really all about in the 80’s: Bizarre codenames (Muskrat, anyone?), ridiculously specific specialties (Croc Master, the evil crocodile trainer), and astonishingly insane plotting (Zartan changes colors in the sun because why?). We love the new awesome GI Joe, but we’re glad that Robot Chicken is around to help ladle the copious amounts of cheese back on to it.”

Click here to check out the page, or click the “Full Story” link to watch the embedded video right here!