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hiss-01Well, thanks to Jeff Bohn stumbling on it yesterday, and letting GeneralsJoes break the news, the DeviantArt floodgates have opened.  Jeff also found the page belonging to Joaquin Dos Santos, who, in turn led to several other artists who worked on the project, and a whole wealth of awesome looking concept art, backgrounds, and storyboards are up there for the enjoyment of all!  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to uncover any character turnarounds or designs, which is what I’m really after, but damn, this is some COOL stuff right here.  I’ve broken it all down into galleries below, but PLEASE check out everyone’s DeviantArt page and lavish huge praise on them.  The “look” of Resolute was one of the best things about it, so these artists deserve a mountain of credit for breathing life into our favorite plastic men and women.  Check out the shots at the “Read the rest of this Entry” link below, you do NOT want to miss these:

He didn’t post much art, just a couple of things (one of which we’ve seen before):

Some amazing artwork for the kick ass weaponry of the Resolute universe as well as some striking backdrops which should look intimately familiar to everyone:

Two of the coolest looking vehicles I have EVER seen.  Concept art for the new HISS which we saw (way too briefly) in the Resolute cartoon.  By the looks of screenshots, we’ll be seeing much more of it in the upcoming video game.  There’s also an absolutely mind blowing piece for a new concept Tomahawk (which unfortunately never got used):

Now THIS is what I’m talking about!  🙂  Storyboards direct from the feature…I just love looking “behind the glass”.  Awesome, awesome, AWESOME.  I’m so glad these guys are sharing this with the public!  So cool to see:

I showed his awesome stuff yesterday, but figured I’d tack it on along all of these as well, just to have it all in one spot:

Once again, a huge thanks to Jeff Bohn for leading me down this path.  I love this stuff.